Groneberg cable from Germany

Groneberg HiFi cable from Germany As a matter of fact, these cables, and especially the Quattro Reference cables for their specific price/performance ratio is so good that we decided to use only Groneberg cables in our Stratos amplifiers exclusively. Klaus Bunge

Designed and manufactured in Germany, this cable offers a very high value and performance. No need to use different cables for different signals. Patented Groneberg design (DE 43 36 230 C1) in TS Premium and Quattro Reference models solves the problem and cable can be configured for different purposes: IC, Idigital cooax, loudspeaker cable and power cord. One cable to rule them all.

Do not be reluctant to give this cable a try, maybe there are better ones, but they are much more expensive, and cheaper competitors stay far behind from the performance Groneberg cable achieves. Several reviews in Germany and Europe have rated this cable over products from other famous brands, you'll be surprised.

Groneberg Quattro Reference: Patented design for optimized and constant electron flow Four conductor lines Stabilizing inner core Shielding braid Excellent soundstage, detail and deep bass reproduction Harmonics coherent delicate and revealing mids & highs Excellent voice reproduction 530 pF/m Propietary jacket formulation.

Groneberg Serie 3: Stripped version of Quattro Reference Shielding braid Open and detailed sound Good bass extension Slightly warm sound 240 pF/m Propietary jacket formulation.

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