Syren floorstanding 2 way speaker

model specifications:
  • $ 1,995 USD pair
  • Coming soon
  • Our everlasting commitment to offer real high value high end audio
  • 2-way Ported
  • High quality parts:
    Usher units, Alpha-Core, Mundorf, WBT, Groneberg cable
  • Ultra stiff and craftwork grade cabinet Made in USA
  • >** lbs weight (each) / >** kg
  • Dimensions: * width x ** deep (top) / ** (bottom) x ** height (in) /
    ** width x ** deep (top) / ** (bottom) x ** height (cm)


  • All models come standard in Light Cherry, Red Cherry / Mohogany and Black Ash
  • We will soon offer several lacquer and "metal look" finishes as well as an option only.

Our free customer services:

  • Custom adjustment for your system prior to purchase. Customer has to provide system information to check feasibility. Free of charge.
  • All Products : Peace of mind. Whenever you feel That a check-up is necessary. Check on bias, offset, connections And power supply. Only for Registered customers. Free of charge

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